In-A-Jam Courier & Delivery Service * Fully Insured & Bonded

Serving a 200 km radius of North Bay

Services Offered


  Local Deliveries $ 4.00 overnight
    $ 5.00 same day
  Secure Documents $ 15.00
  Signature and Return $ 25.00
  Regional Deliveries $ 0.70/km within 2 days
    $ 0.85/km same day
  Secure Documents $ 1.20/km
  Signature and Return $ 1.50/km

All secure documents will have signature confirmation of receipt with confirmation documentation returned at earliest convenience (usually on next visit or within a maximum of 2 days). If confirmation documentation return is required immediately, the return rates apply.

Small Packages

Packages under 15 kg each

1 - 3 Pieces  
  Local $ 8.00
  Regional $ 0.80/km
4 - 5 pieces Add $ 2.00
Additional pieces Add $ 0.75/piece

Medium Packages

Packages between 15 kg - 35 kg each

1 - 3 Pieces  
  Local $ 10.00
  Regional $ 1.00/km
4 - 5 pieces Add $ 3.00
Additional pieces Add $ 1.25/piece

Large Packages

Pricing for packages over 35 kg will be negotiated in relation to total weight, size and destination.


  • All package delivery will be same day, unless otherwise specified.
  • Contract pricing is open for discussion.
  • The term 'Regional' refers to areas within 200 km of North Bay. For services outside of this area, contact James Barber.
  • All prices are subject to change.


In A Jam restricts its courier and delivery services to commercial and business to business activity. We do not deliver prepared meals, groceries or tobacco products. We are not licensed to carry alcohol or dangerous goods*. We are not insured for passenger transport.

*Dangerous goods are defined by law (including, but not limited to, solvents, fertilizers, various chemicals and explosive materials) and special licensing and insurances are required to transport such items. If you/your company regularly transport such items and is interested in using In A Jam, please contact James Barber for a consultation. He will be happy to discuss the details and make inquiries regarding adding such licensing and insurance dependent upon related costs versus benefits to both parties.

In-A-Jam is fast, reliable and always punctual. We use them for our business runs every week and will continue to use In-A-Jam in the future.

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